Why Work With DMA?

Digital Media Advocates is a company built by entrepreneurs and creative minds who are passionate advocates for transparency, accountability, partnerships, and collaboration with our clients.  We see ourselves as more than an agency – we would like to be seen as your Digital Marketing and IT based partner.

Every client is unique and everyone should have a unique selling point.  We don’t create cookie cutter campaigns, but more of a scalable and customizable solution for our clients.

Our Core Mission is built around...

Creativity & Innovation

We are advocates for creativity and innovation. We Don’t Believe in Stagnation & Predictability!!! – but thinking outside the box for ideation and creating customizable unique projects.

Collaboration (Partnership)

Each project is based on the idea of collaboration and partnerships. We spend time to get to know our clients before creating the strategy and the framework for our projects.  We will never leave you in the dark and confused about the progress of the project.

Accountability & Transparency

The core for any business partnership is based on these two factors.  We are very passionate about our accountability and transparency. We will set realistic expectations.  For all our campaigns, we embrace the world of analytics, data, and reporting which gives detail insight into the performance of each campaign.

Our Partners

At DMA, we are big advocates in collaborating with partner programs such as Google Premier Partners and Facebook Marketing Partners.  We believe in quality projects and partnerships…

Certified Experts/Collaborators

We always seek to stay on top of the latest marketing technology and trends — this is a critical initiative and extremely important to our clients’ success and is prioritized at DMA. We will continue to search for ideas that will bring success to our campaigns.

We Don’t Believe in Stagnation & Predictability

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads Specialization
  • HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua
  • Active Campaign, Campaigner
  • Magento, Shopify
  • Facebook Ads