Social Media

Social Media Advertising

Paid social has become a digital marketing essential for any business. We will supercharge your social ad performance while tracking and maximizing impact across your entire marketing ecosystem.

Ad Copy & Testing

Generating action in a social environment requires experience and constant updates. You cannot remain dormant or stagnant.

Audience Targeting

We leverage Facebook’s powerful consumer data and lookalike modeling to find your ideal next customers.

Bid Management

This is very fluid and requires constant monitoring. We know when to deploy the network’s bid optimization, use a platform bid optimizer, or to apply manual strategies.


In addition to closing previous visitors of your website and custom audiences, social ads are uniquely suited to re-engaging past and current customers. This is like your insurance policy for your campaign – You protect your investment.

Lead Ads

Especially on mobile, the right offer and a quick contact info capture is the key to B2B success on social channels.

At Digital Media Advocates, we collaborate with a Facebook Marketing Partner to promote our clients on Social Media, giving you the strongest Facebook marketing success possible. Facebook Premier partners receive prioritized and live support for clients, advanced access to new features, and technical assistance not available to other agencies.

LinkedInAds offers B2B social media advertising with targeting options that simply aren’t available outside of LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become one of the most important channels for inbound marketing for the B2B campaigns.

Find out more about what LinkedIn Advertising can offer to better understand why it’s the premier B2B social advertising partner. We offer this solution to our Clients who in in the B2B space and need to grow their market share.